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Logan Lerman for Scene Magazine 2014.

Logan Lerman for Scene Magazine 2014.

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"With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying." - Johnny Depp

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New amazing poster of The Flash!  

New amazing poster of The Flash!  

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Interview with ET Canada: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Stars On Raising The Bar For Season 2
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Artist Zaria Forman brings awareness to important environmental issues through her breathtaking pastel drawings. Forman spent September 2013 in the beautiful Maldives, the lowest and flattest country in the world. She found inspiration there to create a new body of work that would shed light on a nation that could be entirely underwater within this century.

soo beautiful…wow, that is really amazing.

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If you think that you can beat me, you c a n ’ t .

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Halloween Countdown → Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet St. (2007)

I can guarantee the closest shave you’ll ever know.

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"Just cos you’ve had a drink doesn’t make you a ninja" Photo evidence proves otherwise x” Pictures tweeted by Jamie today while in Paris

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